About Cecile Nocerino

Cecile Nocerino is a certified executive coach for scientists transitioning from technical to senior leadership positions. She is doing in person or remote sessions by phone or video.

Cecile is retained by hospitals, healthcare, consumer products and other engineering and scientific organizations to guide individuals through the attitude and style changes required in career progression. She equips individuals with the interpersonal communication skills needed to lead people and business strategies, and to represent technical functions with executive leadership teams, customers and boards. She works a lot on communication, emotion intelligence and executive presence.

Cecile blends logical consultative and executive coaching principles and adaptive change management strategies that she acquired through 20 years of working with technical experts in companies of all sizes – from the smallest start-ups to the world’s largest multi-nationals. She takes a personalized approach with each individual assessing current and future states, and identifying the mindsets, behaviors and skills required to successfully transition.

Cecile is an accomplished scientist who worked for several consumer products and cosmetics companies in Europe, and earned two master’s degrees in chemistry and physical chemistry. During a development conversation with a manager, she was advised to earn a PhD. in order to move into a leadership position. This discussion inspired her belief that “technical skills are critically important … and so are leadership and interpersonal skills.”

She has since worked in research and development, marketing and organizational optimization roles as well as a consultant and coach to increase the effectiveness of technical professionals and ultimately break the perception that “being a good scientist makes a good leader.” Cecile is a part of an international coaching network, engages in both French and English, and works in both the United States and Europe.



“I had the pleasure of working with Cecile as my coach for three months. Cecile is a conscientious and dedicated coach and a wonderful person to work with. She adapted her coaching style to my learning needs. And she held me accountable for taking actions that created the positive change I wanted. What I appreciated the most was that Cecile made me feel that she really cared about me. An unexpected life event happened during our coaching engagement. Cecile made a point to help me get through this difficult time. She helped me understand the importance of maintaining a regular schedule. This had enabled me to come back to actions quickly. I appreciate that very much. And I won’t hesitate to recommend Cecile to anyone who has a goal to accomplish. ” Jackie

“I worked with Cecile for well over a year now and have seen her continue to grow as an outstanding executive coach. She is a wonderful listener who asks probing questions to help leaders gain insights and improve. She is especially strong at working with those with deep subject matter expertise — for instance, clinicians, attorneys, technology professionals, and engineers — to help them become even better at leading, influencing, and developing stronger organizations. She has well-documented experience and a good track record working in diverse organizations in multi-national settings and different cultures. I recommend her work to subject matter experts who are in leadership roles and want to improve performance.Andrew