About Cecile Nocerino

My clients want to overcome imposter syndrome, be less stressed, have more confidence, become the leaders of tomorrow by building trusting relationships and optimizing the effectiveness of their teams. They want to be happy in their professional and personal lives.

I focus on leadership, vision, emotional intelligence and relationships. 
The method and tools I use allow them to become aware of and understand the behavior they have and that others have. They work to acquire new perceptions, improve their soft-skills and develop their vision and clear thinking.
With a dual scientific and business background, I have worked in research, marketing and consulting. As a coach for the past ten years, I work internationally with leaders, entrepreneurs, practitioners, families, and I use NLP and transactional analysis tools, as well as the Process Communication Model®.

‘I am a scientist who believes that technical, leadership and interpersonal skills are important for experts and leaders to make a positive and big impact within the companies where they work.’

I blend logical consultative and executive coaching principles and adaptive change management strategies that I acquired through 20 years of working with technical experts in companies of all sizes – from the smallest start-ups to the world’s largest multi-nationals. I take a personalized approach with each individual, assessing current and future states, and identifying the mindsets, behaviors and skills required to successfully transition.


‘Cecile helped me to develop self-awareness and overall emotional intelligence as a person, a professional and a Leader. I see and understand myself better than I ever have before.’

‘My coach has helped me to look at things from different angles which helps me to understand others reactions better therefore less stressed or concerned.’

‘Thanks to Cecile I now see and understand my motivations, purpose, vision, and passion as a Leader.
She also supported me in working on areas of development. I can now understand and manage insecurities, concerns, important aspects of work and life that were causing me stress. Things that used to hold me back without me even realizing it! I can now see, understand, and manage them.’ Nathalie

‘Her guidance has improved my work significantly. I manage my time and work according to what works best for me to succeed. I communicate better with other, I lead others in a much more impactful way. My team sees great improvement in my leadership skills. I’m able to make conscious career choices.
And she made sure to equip me for future success.

I’m very grateful for Cecile’s input. This already has a proven impact on my career and well-being.’Nathalie

‘Last year I had several run ins with a complicated colleague
resulting in my mgr. involving HR to find a solution. Yesterday
this colleague sincerely thanked me for the great team work and how my work for the team will help him and the other participating staff departments. Through my coaching with Cecile I learned to better accept him as a person and how to avoid stressful situations. This greatly improved the relationship with him. I am grateful for Cecil’s guidance and relaying the process communication model to communicate on the same frequence with my colleagues. Without her support and training I would have probably not achieve this positive result in such short time.’ Christina

‘I’m currently working with Cecile to design and shape my next best move. Cecile is a great listener and helps me ask myself the right questions to develop my career plan. She is also very talented to make sure I’m not just answering each question at a surface level but that I did think about it deeply and found the right outcome and the right solutions to help me really understand what is the right fit for me and my skills. In addition, her guidance helps me define how to better develop the required skills for my next position. What is hard when you start a coaching session is that you have to find your own answers, it’s not always easy but Cecile is really here to guide you in your reflection and all the sudden you find your own solutions.’ Coralie

“I had the pleasure of working with Cecile as my coach for three months. Cecile is a conscientious and dedicated coach and a wonderful person to work with. She adapted her coaching style to my learning needs. And she held me accountable for taking actions that created the positive change I wanted. What I appreciated the most was that Cecile made me feel that she really cared about me. An unexpected life event happened during our coaching engagement. Cecile made a point to help me get through this difficult time. She helped me understand the importance of maintaining a regular schedule. This had enabled me to come back to actions quickly. I appreciate that very much. And I won’t hesitate to recommend Cecile to anyone who has a goal to accomplish. ” Jackie

“I worked with Cecile for well over a year now and have seen her continue to grow as an outstanding executive coach. She is a wonderful listener who asks probing questions to help leaders gain insights and improve. She is especially strong at working with those with deep subject matter expertise — for instance, clinicians, attorneys, technology professionals, and engineers — to help them become even better at leading, influencing, and developing stronger organizations. She has well-documented experience and a good track record working in diverse organizations in multi-national settings and different cultures. I recommend her work to subject matter experts who are in leadership roles and want to improve performance.Andrew