Coaching Programs

Targeted Problem-Solving (3 individual sessions)

For mid-to-senior level managers who want to address a specific challenge. We start with a coaching agreement and defining the challenge, design an individual coaching process, conclude and follow-up.

Starting a New Position (12 sessions / 4-6 months)

For scientists starting a new manager or executive position. We design an individualized program that includes a 360 assessment and helps:

  • Acquire or reinforce leadership skills
  • Apply interpersonal communications skills in a intercultural corporate environment
  • Implement management tools and improve team efficiency

Optimizing Efficiency (10 sessions / 4-6 months)

For senior managers and executives who want to strengthen and optimize the efficiency of their teams or functions, I have designed an individualized program that includes a 360 assessment and action plan, and helps:

  • Reinforce leadership
  • Strengthen interpersonal communications skills
  • Identify and implement innovative solutions to existing problems
  • Improve self and team efficiency
  • Apply change management principles

Successful Projects (6-8 sessions / 4-6 months)

For teams of people who work together on a single project or multitude of ongoing programs. Held in 90-120 minute small group workshops of 5-7 individuals to set goals, create plans and implement changes. To facilitate personal growth, 3 60-minute individual coaching sessions are provided to the team leader.

Pricing designed individually for each client on a sliding scale